Tom possesses great qualities as golf coach

Tom has been teaching and coaching my son for more than 3 yrs now and has tremendously helped his overall golf skills mature. My son is playing competitively in several San Diego junior golf circuit and has been doing pretty good including qualifying for Callaway Junior World Tournament. Tom possesses great qualities as golf coach and instructor in teaching the very difficult game of golf. His patience working with junior golfers both beginners and non-beginners alike are unparalleled. Not only his golfing skills are top-notched but he is also a fitness expert which is a great compliment to anyone playing the game of golf. Developing proper warm up, routine and strengthening exercises are key to improving posture balance and avoiding injuries. Tom will gladly advice his students in this aspect of the game to help improve their skills. If you want your kids to learn the proper way and start playing golf competitively, I highly recommend Tom.

Rico E San Diego, CA