He turned my golf game around immediately

I am not usually one to write reviews, but this guy really deserves it. Tom is a fantastic golf coach (he’s not the only one I have tried). I couldn’t be happier with my progress since working with him. He turned my golf game around immediately. If you want to learn to swing like a pro, Tom is your answer. You will love working with him, too. Not only is he a master of golf but he is also an excellent teacher. He can easily spot areas in your swing for improvement and give you exercises that will help to improve that part of your swing. One day when I was laboring away at the driving range, I saw this guy hitting balls with a swing as pretty and effortless as Rory McIlroy. And the ball was going a mile! I just stood there watching for several minutes, thinking, “I wish I could do that!” I started up a conversation with him (telling him how great his swing was) and then he tells me that he gives lessons. I thought, “I have never seen anyone swing like this who wasn’t on the PGA tour,” so I said “let’s do it!” My game hasn’t been the same since! I spend an hour with him every 1-2 weeks and then work on what he has taught in between lessons. It has proven to be a real hit for me. My drives and iron shots are now considerably more consistent and my scores have some down considerably. I highly recommend Tom. It certainly worked for me!

Dan LSan Diego, CA