Junior Coaching

My philosophy for coaching stems from my own passion for the sport of golf. I spend every lesson helping young players tap into their own passion and drive to play successfully. When the child’s desire to play increases, they will inevitably enjoy the game more, enjoy practices, and improve at the same time. I am skilled in determining each child’s individual strengths and aid to foster the development of those strengths as well as improve their weaknesses. Some lessons may focus more on swing mechanics while others focus on tactics to help someone to move up on tournament leaderboards. I want others to share my passion and discover how enjoyable golf can be when they have the proper game to excel.

My coaching is based upon the following principles: giving accurate feedback, establishing clearly set goals, and creating difficult yet attainable challenges for each of my students. I strive to help all of my students reach their full potential in all essential areas of their golf game.

I coach both juniors and adults at The Vineyard at Escondido.